Work Day 2

This morning we arose with a beautiful pink and yellow sunrise and the smell of freshly homemade buscuits made by our lovely Chap Al. A few members of our team, however, arose a little earlier due to little but deadly bites from sand fleas while they were sleeping on the beach. We ate our biscuits with butter, drank our coffee or tea, and got ready for another day of work at our habitat site.

When we arrived to our work site, we went straight to work as soon as we put our tool belts on (mine was made of pink leather). There were some new faces, and one of them was the future home owner. Her name is Barbara and we worked beside her all day. She is a lovely woman who was eager and enthusiastic about building her house. She became very proficient at hammering nails by the end of the day along with many of us. 

We ate our lunch in a park next to the water just like yesterday, but today we were greated by a beautiful labra-doodle and two cute corgis. We all also talked about what our highs and lows of the week have been.

After lunch, we worked for another half hour and finished all the walls and cleaned up the site so that it was ready for foundation. It has been really fun and rewarding working and getting everything they had planned for us accomplished. As a team we are good at making every situation fun even if our arms are sore from endless hammering. We all left the site with smiles on our faces.

We are now on our way back to our beach house. I think the following picture makes it obvious the state we are in...

Written by Ninja (Kat)


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