Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beach Bums

After a night of dinner with Stacey, Annie and Gabe, movies (Including What a Girl Wants), giggling, and eating, eating, and more eating, we all hit the hay. Squid, however, hit the hammock and a little too hard because she woke up in the middle of the night to the devastating sound of fabric tearing. She fell to the ground surprisingly rather gracefully for she is still alive and rocking it. The hammock, however, is no longer rocking it, all pun intended...

     (Photo credit: Marley Fischer)

    (Photo credit: Marley Fischer)

 We woke up this morning to a bright sun shinning day and the smell of pancakes (made by Grace). We all new that it was going to be the perfect day to be beach bums.

(Photo credit: Rachel Kerr)

After chatting and eating our breakfast on the porch, we all put our bathing suits on and ran for the beach. Many activities took place. The famous architects Audrey Vanderboon, Sydney Grange, and Alisha Weaver constructed a magnificent sand castle. Many books were read including The Alchemist, Into the Wild, and The Language of Flowers. The outstanding piece of literature known as Cosmo was also read. We all now know our horoscopes and what day we should ask our cute friend on a date or when our next big career break is going to be. We all swam in the ocean many times, and I think we were all freaked out at one point or another by the mysterious things that would randomly touch our feet. We ended our morning beach experience with cartwheels (I think that mine are improving immensely) and a team photo shoot which consisted of us jumping in the air as Audrey captured us at the perfect moment in flight.

     (Photo credit: Marley Fischer)

     (Photo credit: Marley Fischer)
     (Photo credit: Marley Fischer)

Many of us were hungry and decided to go into town for lunch. We searched for the best option and decided on a restaurant called The Grill and Island bar. Most people ordered some type of seafood dish and some got a yummy taste of cheesecake... ;)

After lunch we split in different directions. Some got milkshakes and some went to a small general store (Larissa and I were very tempted to buy and share a pint of Ben and Jerry's. I surprisingly resisted because I knew it wouldn't mix well with all the fried food). We all ended up meeting at the long peer. We walked down to the end where people were fishing and saw a man who caught a fish that was too BIG for regulations. 

We have all started to mosey back to our beach house in groups for a relaxed evening on the beach. Marley and Gabriel are currently building a sand castle. Will it trump the famous architect's castle from this morning? We will have to wait and see...

Written by Ninja (Kat)  

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