Farewell to Folly

Decided to post from photos from this last morning (trying to do it surreptitiously since everyone else is cleaning/packing).  We started off the morning with a drive to the pier, and a 3 mile dash back to the house.  The morning air was crisp in our half-asleep lungs and the shells crunched happily beneath our sandy shoes.  It was the most gorgeous sunrise so far this week, and our reward for the run was a plate full of Lydia's hearty banana chocolate chip pancakes.  Score.

Grace, Rachel, Kelsey, and Alisha have done their share of housework and are headed out in Grace's car and the rest of us will follow once the house is clean.  Final time together included sitting on the deck to share favorite moments of the week and highlight some special characteristics of the teammate to each girl's left.  There were many sweet quips shared.  In summary, we have a tight, intelligent, talented team/family who are connected deeply on so many levels.  So many blessings.

Farewell Folly 2013, we wouldn't change a thing.



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