Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bye bye beach

Our last morning was memorable. We got up early, most to watch the sunrise, and then train. The girls put a lot of work in running sprints and ending with a small sided match.

We then packed up, cleaned up, and had  a quick breakfast. We wrapped up the trip with our reflection and sharing circle! What an amazing group of women we have! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Training on the beach

What an amazing way to spend a week off school; the beach, the sunrise and the game we all love, soccer. -Ashleigh 

Service day!

After beach soccer we had a quick breakfast made by the players unable to train! It was delicious, French toast and eggs! We headed to the visitor center to volunteer our time and muscles! The visitor center was overgrown and they have an 6-7 foot alligator that lives in the pond in front of the visitor center. It is also home to several other types of wildlife and with the overgrowth it is difficult to see. We worked hard and quickly, loaded up with bug spray and tools. We divided and conquered. It was very rewarding!!! After we went to see the lighthouse on the island. Marisa, Lydia, and Sydney has a race to the top. They sprinted and made it to the top in a quick 1:15 sec. The views at the top were breathtaking. You could see several surrounding islands such as edisto and the horizon was about 40 miles away. We hit the beach following and had some R&R. The coaches went to grab some fresh seafood and are preparing for our last dinner!!! We have enjoyed our time here and even more the company! Enjoy the photos!

Fully clothed and afraid

This was my first time camping and I got eaten alive by mosquitos. I enjoyed the camping experience though, aside from the 3967196027165029175 million mosquito bites. Laying on the beach at night watching shooting stars was by far my favorite night/thing to do during this week. 
-LD :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fall break 2015

We have made it and survived our first night in the woods. The ubiquitous mosquitos are not liked by the group. More stories to come...

Monday, July 6, 2015

A note from our captain, Marisa Romeo

Hey everyone!
I’m at home for the summer doing an internship as a personal trainer at the Winston Salem Athletic Republic and taking some Health and Exercise Science classes at Wake Forest. Athletic Republic. Is. Awesome. It’s the coolest and most advanced gym I’ve ever stepped foot in and been a part of and I’m so excited to be working there! Their philosophy is all about training explosive and power muscles so that you get faster, stronger, and quicker. And it really works – I’ve noticed a difference in the athletes I’ve trained and in myself! I get to work with an awesome and super knowledgeable trainer and I’m learning so much. It’s also super fun to meet and get to know all the different athletes who come in to train. There is such an array of athletes, from college football and soccer players to ten year old basketball players. I workout there three times a week – it is the most mentally and physically challenging exercise I think I’ve ever done and I feel so exhausted afterwards. But it’s so worth it!
Here’s some pictures of Athletic Republic:

This is a photo of the gym. The turf is where we warm up – each warm up consists of 15 minutes dynamic stretching and agility. Every agility sequence we do forward, we also do backwards to engage all muscles!

This is a picture of the treadmills. They aren’t just ordinary treadmills – they go up to 40% incline and 30mph. People can run crazy fast on them!!

I also train athletes on the plyometric floor.  I call out a sequence of numbers that you have to jump to and from. Sometimes you jump over foam blocks and sometimes you’re strapped into the floor to add resistance. The goal is to be as fast as possible – it’s super fun to watch and do!

Other than that, I’ve been having some quality family time, playing some soccer and tennis, watching the World Cup, and enjoying the free time. I can’t wait to watch the World Cup final – the games have been awesome so far. I’m going down to Florida for July 4th which I’m super excited about!

I’m excited for the rest of the summer and can’t wait to see everyone in August!! Miss you guys, love to everyone <3   --Marisa

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Holidays from the Coaching Staff!

You all know we have moves but we choreographed a dance for you all! -Lydia & Stacey