Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Batya Globerman

Hi team!

I write to you on the seventh hour of what was meant to be a 4 hour bus ride (thanks, rainy season- thanks, landslide). I'm in a much better mood now than I was 30 minutes ago. We finally had a rest stop and I got some delicious roast chicken and corn tortillas for dinner!!! Yummmmmm!!!!!

Me and 3 others, and our bags, (and chicken, yes) are sitting in the aisle's extension intended for a wheelchair. 8 legs in one square metre is a puzzle I have no intention of recreating. However, I'm one of the lucky passengers with floor space. There are people here who have been standing between the seats since we left the beach.

I went out of town with my friend from high school and his brother who are visiting Costa Rica. They stayed by the coast for a little while longer and I'm headed home to spend time with my parents and finish some stuff up (like packing my whole life into a suitcase again) before flying out to Asheville on Thursday.

For the most part my summer has been pretty quiet, but equally enjoyable. I've travelled a bit and have been catching up and going out with friends, prepped for soccer, done lots of floating (pools, oceans, y'know), artwork, hung out with my parents (many, many jeopardy episodes), and one of my favourite things has been keeping up with CONCACAF- it really is such a treat to watch La Sele (Costa Rica's National team) play 2 games a week. Watching the Semifinal match between the US and Costa Rica last week was very painful (especially the bit where my dad could not, for his life, stop talking about the legend that is Clint Dempsey). But now that my mourning the Gold Cup has subsided I am really looking forward to September 1st for a rematch!!

So here I am, sitting on a dirty floor, listening to Vince Staples' Summertime '06 album, enjoying chocolate covered raisins (appropriate dessert after floor roast chicken amirite), writing a blog post, really looking forward to the fall.

(About 30 minutes left till we get to the bus terminal!!!)

These are some photos of my time home. (I maxed out on MBs)

Out In San Pedro with friends


Made friends with this kid over a couple passes and headers

The track where I've been running. (The field is always super muddy this time of year)

Mercado Nacional

My favourite beetle!!!!!!!!


Other pretty places!!

This is a pigmy owl that was perched on the cables right in front of our house. Definitely pertains to the content of this blog.

Today's roast chicken and corn tortillas!!!

With warmth,

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Maddie Harris

My fellow sloths,

I have had a crazy busy summer so far, wow!

I started off summer break back in Minnesota, where I enjoyed a relaxing two weeks with my friends and family. I also had my wisdom teeth pulled so most of those two weeks I was in bed watching Jane the Virgin and romantic comedies. I also watched some of our game film, I must’ve been really bored. ;)

When I flew back to NC, I immediately started working at the Accounting office at WWC, where I have learned to like receipting checks and answering phones. I also started working at the AVL downtown YMCA in the Youth Development Center, where I take care of little kids while their parents get some exercise. I have loved working at the Y, because everyday is something new. Just yesterday, a little boy asked me if I was a boy and the first day I worked we had a poop incident! It keeps me on my toes.

When I am not working, I try to relax in the Villages, by the river, play soccer, and train. I have been working with AB, the men’s basketball coach, trying to get better. I also play on two summer league teams, Friday and Sunday. It has been fun meeting new people and being able to play on those teams, even though just this last weekend, I had TWO handballs in the box. (not a foreshadowment for our future games).

The highlight of my summer was definitely the Upper 90 Camp in June. I had the opportunity to hangout with Lydia, Stacia, Bianca, and a ton of other awesome, inspiring women soccer coaches. It was refreshing to be around a group that was passionate about soccer. It made me super excited for the fall! I definitely want to coach when I graduate from Wilson. For me, I just love being goofy and positive with young soccer players. Camp week was filled with much needed laughter and love.

The rest of the summer will be filled with more grind time, where I hope to get more touches in before I work. Hopefully, I can get out of Asheville for a weekend and take a breather before preseason starts.

I am super excited for the fall season to begin. This is by far my favorite time of the year and I cannot wait to share those experiences with you all. I hope you all keep training hard, as well as sloth out when needed.

Much love,

 Lydia, Bianca, and I after AVL Elite practice!

My sloths from home!

 Out in the river right before a snake floated by

 Me and Eli chillin

Monday, July 17, 2017

Fonda Heenehan

Hey Hooters!

This Summer I’ve taken a break from Asheville and I am living in Northampton, Massachusetts with our teammate Sunny, their mother, and my partner Sam. It’s my first time spending time in Western Massachusetts, even though I grew up in the Northeastern part of the State, and I am loving all that it has to offer; I am especially loving the unique quirkiness of Northampton.

Most of my time this Summer has been spent studying for and taking the GRE, and now I am visiting schools and beginning to prepare for grad school applications! I visited Boston College in early June, and am planning a trip up to Burlington to visit University of Vermont next week. All of the schools I’m looking at have intramural or club soccer, of course. Looking at schools and starting the application process has sparked much excitement for my senior year at Wilson, and at this point I’m super stoked for it to start!

All of my time hasn’t been spent studying, as it is Summer break. I was able to attend NYC Pride Weekend, where I met up with my cousin, and oh my goodness it was fantastic! I was also able to visit family on the coast and enjoyed a fun weekend at the beach. Additionally, I have taken little day trips around New England to watch Sam at his cycling races, which has ended up being a great way to see more of the surrounding area.

Soccer training has been going well; I am going to look for a pickup group so I can start playing more consistently in the last month that we have before preseason. I was a bit discouraged at the beginning of Summer because I was focused on changing my running form from my foot strike starting on my heels (bad) to a strike that’s closer to the front of my foot (good). Now that I have passed the awkward stage of focusing on my stride, and I am running faster and am able to focus on fitness, I feel great! Sunny and I have been also been going to the gym all Summer, and are ready to kick butt in preseason. It’s so soon, I can’t wait!

I hope you all are doing well, and that your respective summers are giving you a restful break from school. I can’t wait to see you all in a month!

Much love and peace,


Pelham lake in Rowe, Massachusetts. Sam and I took a swimming break here while we were guest staffing at a summer camp for a few days.

My cousin and I, covered in glitter of course, at the NYC Pride Parade.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sierra Bell

Sierra Bell is an incoming freshman from Rock Hill, S.C. who is an attacking center mid. Sierra is currently in Thailand with a group of 5 other students from her school and 10 from Chicago.

We chose Thailand because we wanted to learn about a culture completely different than ours before we went off to college. ...IT IS SO HOT HERE.
We have visited a lot of temples and shrines.  The people of Thailand are mostly Buddhist and they have kings that are in power until death. When they die their ashes our places in the temples and shrines. 

The royal family is so important here, pictures are placed everywhere and the king makes an announcement everyday. 

We also went to a floating market, I feel rich here! 1 US dollar is about 39 Tai Baht. 

Thailand is the third poorest country in Asia, but the poor people are taken care of by the government and tourism is a huge help to the economy. 

TRAFFIC is horrible here, there is no such things as lanes here. Although they physically exist, people do not use them. Most people straddle lanes or drive in the shoulder. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Kicking off the Summer


Wow! I really can't believe it is already June ... Obviously, there has been some changes around here and I was very unsettled with it all. I'm glad Stacey is feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle whatever she puts her mind too. We all know she will do amazing things! She has reminded me she will be at every home game ....it will be a little strange hearing her yell from the other side but its really like the best of both worlds. I'm on one side and she's on the other. Ya'll won't be able to get away with anything ...haha. We have vowed to help each other get fit, as I hope you all are doing as well. This has consisted of running and mountain biking and of course, an occasional pickleball game.

 Well, I have been cleaning my office, getting ready for camp in 10 days, learning some new skills (see the mower!), and relaxing. In our free time, Stacey and I have been helping Asheville City Soccer Club, a new men's NPSL semi-pro team. The games have been fun, loud, and entertaining.

I really wanted to kick off this blog thing. I love reading about what you all are doing this summer and all the fun places you go. Please stay in touch with one another, we have a great fall planned and need y'all to come in fit and ready to play!

I will be blogging again during camp, get ready to see some new costumes from the costume box!


Friday, August 5, 2016

Sydney Grange

Hi Everyone!

It’s been great to read about some of your summers, I’ve enjoyed hearing about what everyone has been up to! It’s crazy how quickly summer is wrapping up, but I can’t wait to be on the field with you all soon!

After the completion of my study abroad program in Panama I spent the first two weeks of summer traveling throughout the country with Ben, my partner. We had a lot of fun exploring, hiking snorkeling, visiting coffee farms etc… It was a nice closure to the end of the semester and an enjoyable start to the summer.
Ben & I eating some yummy coconut on an island in Guna Yala, Panama.

I then headed to New Hampshire for an internship with the Post-Landfill Action Network. This nonprofit focuses on building the student led zero waste movement through implementing waste diversion initiatives on college campuses across the country. There were 7 interns in total from all over the country-- all with differing summer positions. I was one of the Movement-Building Interns and spent most of my time researching, contacting communities on the frontlines of waste issues and compiling case studies to summarize their struggles and efforts. It was a great group of people I definitely have learned a lot from the experience. When not in the office, we had many opportunities to learn from various trips-- ranging from visits to recycling facilities and landfills to canoe trips and community visits. I had never been to New Hampshire before this internship but I found it to be a very beautiful state with plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities which was nice!

I had to leave my internship a bit early and am now back home in California briefly before soccer starts. It has been nice to spend some time with family and friends.

I am very excited for the season and can’t wait to see all of you super soon :)!

Syd (Grange) <3

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Maddie Harris


I hope you are all having amazing summers. I hope you are not being SLOTHS. I am super excited for preseason to be here and for the season to start.

So far this summer, I have been working 40 hours at the WWC Gym, hanging with the coaches, training, cleaning, and playing a lot of soccer. I went home for the first two weeks of summer, where I spent time with my family and celebrated my brother’s graduation from high school. Since I have been back on campus, I have just been working at the gym and also doing tasks as a summer RA. I have joined two random soccer leagues through the ABYSA, I play co-ed on Friday and women’s league on Sunday. Starting Friday, I will also be playing on an indoor league at the Racquet Club on Hendersonville Road. Adding on to that soccer, I sometimes take my lunch breaks to play pickup at Memorial Stadium, which there are people playing every day from 12:30-2:00pm. I also try to play pickup Tuesdays and Thursday in the evenings at JBL. It is amazing how many people in Asheville play soccer, a collection of all ages. 

Other than playing a lot of soccer, I have been hanging out in the Villages with my suitemates. On the Fourth of July, we went on a suite trip to Deep Creek, somewhere by Waynesville, and spent the day on the water. I have also been volunteering a lot with Brother Wolf. It is super fun to just hang out with dogs all day, but get credit for it. I have also been dog-sitting, cat-sitting, and house-sitting.
Basically, I have just been having fun on campus without all the people here, even though some of the conference people make the lines in Gladfelter dreadful. Gladfelter is dreadful no matter what. I am so excited for soccer to start and for the rest of the team to start trickling in.

Anyway, it has been a super lowkey summer here on campus. I cannot wait to have every one back and practicing again. The grass on the field is finally looking good. Keep training and I am sending positive thoughts to all of you!

Maddie Sloth

Also, check out the blogs and articles I have been writing for the Odyssey!

 Me and Bianca Bettz doing face swap when she was here for camp!!

 Friends from home :)