Thursday, June 8, 2017

Kicking off the Summer


Wow! I really can't believe it is already June ... Obviously, there has been some changes around here and I was very unsettled with it all. I'm glad Stacey is feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle whatever she puts her mind too. We all know she will do amazing things! She has reminded me she will be at every home game will be a little strange hearing her yell from the other side but its really like the best of both worlds. I'm on one side and she's on the other. Ya'll won't be able to get away with anything ...haha. We have vowed to help each other get fit, as I hope you all are doing as well. This has consisted of running and mountain biking and of course, an occasional pickleball game.

 Well, I have been cleaning my office, getting ready for camp in 10 days, learning some new skills (see the mower!), and relaxing. In our free time, Stacey and I have been helping Asheville City Soccer Club, a new men's NPSL semi-pro team. The games have been fun, loud, and entertaining.

I really wanted to kick off this blog thing. I love reading about what you all are doing this summer and all the fun places you go. Please stay in touch with one another, we have a great fall planned and need y'all to come in fit and ready to play!

I will be blogging again during camp, get ready to see some new costumes from the costume box!


Friday, August 5, 2016

Sydney Grange

Hi Everyone!

It’s been great to read about some of your summers, I’ve enjoyed hearing about what everyone has been up to! It’s crazy how quickly summer is wrapping up, but I can’t wait to be on the field with you all soon!

After the completion of my study abroad program in Panama I spent the first two weeks of summer traveling throughout the country with Ben, my partner. We had a lot of fun exploring, hiking snorkeling, visiting coffee farms etc… It was a nice closure to the end of the semester and an enjoyable start to the summer.
Ben & I eating some yummy coconut on an island in Guna Yala, Panama.

I then headed to New Hampshire for an internship with the Post-Landfill Action Network. This nonprofit focuses on building the student led zero waste movement through implementing waste diversion initiatives on college campuses across the country. There were 7 interns in total from all over the country-- all with differing summer positions. I was one of the Movement-Building Interns and spent most of my time researching, contacting communities on the frontlines of waste issues and compiling case studies to summarize their struggles and efforts. It was a great group of people I definitely have learned a lot from the experience. When not in the office, we had many opportunities to learn from various trips-- ranging from visits to recycling facilities and landfills to canoe trips and community visits. I had never been to New Hampshire before this internship but I found it to be a very beautiful state with plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities which was nice!

I had to leave my internship a bit early and am now back home in California briefly before soccer starts. It has been nice to spend some time with family and friends.

I am very excited for the season and can’t wait to see all of you super soon :)!

Syd (Grange) <3

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Maddie Harris


I hope you are all having amazing summers. I hope you are not being SLOTHS. I am super excited for preseason to be here and for the season to start.

So far this summer, I have been working 40 hours at the WWC Gym, hanging with the coaches, training, cleaning, and playing a lot of soccer. I went home for the first two weeks of summer, where I spent time with my family and celebrated my brother’s graduation from high school. Since I have been back on campus, I have just been working at the gym and also doing tasks as a summer RA. I have joined two random soccer leagues through the ABYSA, I play co-ed on Friday and women’s league on Sunday. Starting Friday, I will also be playing on an indoor league at the Racquet Club on Hendersonville Road. Adding on to that soccer, I sometimes take my lunch breaks to play pickup at Memorial Stadium, which there are people playing every day from 12:30-2:00pm. I also try to play pickup Tuesdays and Thursday in the evenings at JBL. It is amazing how many people in Asheville play soccer, a collection of all ages. 

Other than playing a lot of soccer, I have been hanging out in the Villages with my suitemates. On the Fourth of July, we went on a suite trip to Deep Creek, somewhere by Waynesville, and spent the day on the water. I have also been volunteering a lot with Brother Wolf. It is super fun to just hang out with dogs all day, but get credit for it. I have also been dog-sitting, cat-sitting, and house-sitting.
Basically, I have just been having fun on campus without all the people here, even though some of the conference people make the lines in Gladfelter dreadful. Gladfelter is dreadful no matter what. I am so excited for soccer to start and for the rest of the team to start trickling in.

Anyway, it has been a super lowkey summer here on campus. I cannot wait to have every one back and practicing again. The grass on the field is finally looking good. Keep training and I am sending positive thoughts to all of you!

Maddie Sloth

Also, check out the blogs and articles I have been writing for the Odyssey!

 Me and Bianca Bettz doing face swap when she was here for camp!!

 Friends from home :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Fonda Heenehan

Hooters Fam,

This Summer has been the busiest and most complicated of my life! I started off with a three week trip to Europe where I spent two weeks on a study abroad course in Berlin, Germany, and one week in England visiting family. Germany was a fascinating and thrilling place to visit, and I wish I could have had more time to dig into the many layers history while I was there. On top of Germany simply being a nerdy-historian-and-philosophers’ gold mine, exploring Berlin was thrilling and it was definitely a fun place to start the Summer. While in England I stayed with family whom I have not seen in over ten years, explored London via an open top red bus, and of course drank a lot of tea. I had a great visit with my family and will definitely be seeing them before another ten years goes by.

I fell in love with Europe, and absolutely caught the travel bug, so I am currently figuring out the logistics of spending the Spring 2017 semester abroad. Hopefully in a place where I won’t have too difficult of a time learning a new language!

Once back in the States, I travelled to Myrtle Beach for a family reunion and spent some time at home. I am now back at Wilson to work. I am working on IT and also working as a Summer RA. In July I will take a break from campus work to travel back to SC to spend a week as a Camp Counselor at a camp for deaf children called Camp Wonder Hands. I cannot begin to explain how excited I am for the week of camp! I haven’t signed in almost five years, so it will be interesting to see how quickly I am able to pick it back up.

I started training as soon as I was back in the States, and I feel great now that I am back in the weight room and back on the field. Yes Lydia, I am in fact leaving the weight room to touch a ball. I can’t wait to be running in the early morning with all of you beauties in August! (Pre-season is actually a blast, I love it).

I hope everyone is having fun and exciting Summers, only 6 weeks until we are back!

Love and peace,


Monday, June 27, 2016

Audrey Vanderboon

Hey, team!

Hope summer has been going well for everyone.  Not being there last semester makes me feel so out of the loop!  I don’t know what everyone is doing, but I am sure it is all good stuff =)  Quick update on me!  I came back from my Mexico study abroad and jumped right back into my USA life.  I went on a quick backpacking trip with Kevin, my partner, and then have begun both my EMT class and my Adventure Director position at a course not too far from my house.  My job allows me to see all different kinds of participants from big CEOs, little puffs (as Lydia would say), and everything between.  My sister gets married in two short weeks as well =)  A great summer so far!  Can’t wait to keep reading the summer posts by everyone! Stay safe and have fun!

Big ol’ hugs!


Picture of Puebla, MX where I did my study abroad.  Also where the battle of Cinco de Mayo took place =)

Picture from backpacking in the ADK in NY!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Kat Camara

Hey ladies! It's Kat here! I love the idea of us all writing blog posts this summer to stay connected. I hope everyone has had the time to soak up the sun, be by yourself in nature and eat really yummy home cooked food! 

My summer started out with Ally Miller, some of you may remember her from freshman year because she was my roommate, coming to visit me here in Vermont. I showed her burlington, we went hiking and spent a lot of time catching up. 

Some of you may know, but I recently purchased my own mountain bike!!! I'm so thrilled about it! I had the chance to meet up with my friend Maia and go riding in Stowe Vermont which has an awesome network of trails. Mountain biking in Vermont is a little different than in North Carolina because the trails are covered in roots and huge rocks! It was really fun to get out on my bike though and I only fell a couple of times...

I then packed my backpack and went to Kroka for a week to lead a week long program for 21 4th graders. Kroka expeditions is the wilderness school that I work for in the summer. This program was focused on farming, so we had the students working on six different farm projects each morning. By the end of the week, they had rotated through each project and nearly finished them all! In the afternoons, we took them on adventures like canoeing and a nature walk. It was so hot and buggy this week, but fortunately enough, Kroka has a beautiful swimming pond that we cooled off in which helped sooth our bug bites. By the end of the week, I was exhausted and excited to go home for two more weeks before my return back to Kroka in mid June.

When I got home, I celebrated my birthday! I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22!!!

Until my return to Kroka for the rest of the summer, I have been co-teaching a lifeguard certification class, hiking, biking and running. I can't wait to see how all of your Summer's play out. Keep busting your butts this summer so that we can go into preseason fit and ready to go! Lots of love ya'll and stay in touch <3 

Kitty Kat 

Friday, June 3, 2016

Your Coaches

It's crazy that it has almost been a month since graduation and only 9 weeks until pre-season! Your coaches are busy in the office planning for camp mid June and the fall season! We have a great schedule and fall break trip lined up!

More importantly, it is National Doughnut Day, and I wanted to share a photo of my sister and I making Boston Creme doughnuts! My sister, Anna has been playing around with the idea of starting a doughnut shop in my hometown so when we get together we work on different recipes! These were so delicious!

I have been hiking and riding my mountain bike every chance I can, although we have been having afternoon showers/thunderstorms! My garden is full and I can't wait to harvest. We are planting lettuce, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, sweet peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, onions, rhubarb, asparagus, and raspberries! Yum!

I hope everyone is enjoying the time with family and friends, and much needed time away from studying ...i hope you all are busting it and getting fit! Get after it!

I'll leave you all with this gem that I found of your lovely coach ...check out the hair.

Love love.
Lydia ... & Stacia