Victorious game

The game began with wwc scoring a quick free quick in the 2nd minute by Lydia Vandenbergh. Wwc quickly controlled the game moving the ball from side to side. USVI had a couple attempts in the first half making Goalkeeper Kendra Orians come out to make some great saves. WWC had a few shots as well with a couple great corner kicks. One in particular was headed past the goalkeeper and caught in the hands by a usvi defender resulting in a pk and usvi to play with 10 players the rest of the game. Captain Alex Barbour stepped up and put the ball past the goalkeeper.

The second half was a game of little rhythm. More balls played in the air on both sides made the second half scrappy. Both teams had some chances yet it was usvi that converted. Their lone striker was brought down in the box by a wwc defender earning a penalty. She then converted the kick.

The game ended and both teams were so happy. We took pictures and talked with the girls. The federation then provided food for both teams and staff. The meal was delicious which consisted of salad, rice, BBQ chicken, and tofu.

More pictures to come.


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