Dolphin Whisperers

After  we finished building on our Habitat house, the rest of our day went for a crazy fun filled roller coaster ride. As we got back to the house, Lydia announced that there would be an AC Milan vs Barcelona game that we should all bond together and watch. Unfortunately, the game didn't come on until 5pm, which would be four hours later. Here's a visual timeline from lunchtime to 8pm.

1:30pm - Got back to the house, where many of us munched on snacks before practice at 3:30pm

2pm - Instead of watching the AC Milan vs Barcelona game, we watched the Arsenal vs Dortmund game, in which they are currently at the group stage in the UEFA Champions League. Arsenal lost 2-1.

3:30pm - The entire team met up at the beach were we had a fun, hard working practice. We worked in groups and did ball work along with 6 strides after each ball work section was completed. We all worked really hard and pushed each other to work at our hardest potential during these strides.

4:15- Halfway through our strides, a couple of the girls noticed a dolphin coming rather close to shore. Being the lifeguard that she is, Audrey V. begged to go into the water in hopes of swimming close to the friendly mammals. However, this initiated the entire team, as we all ran over taking our shirts and shoes off and running into the ocean. Georgia A. who was out the furthest happened to get really close to a dolphin, and s/he came up and acknowledged her presence before playfully swimming in and out of the waters close to us. 
4:30pm - After our dolphin encounter, we continued to have practice, finishing out what we started together as a team. Even though many of us wanted to stay in the water and play around, we stuck it out and had mini relay's where the wheelbarrow, and piggy-back rides were included. Unfortunately for the well known "Betty's" their cocky ways didn't seem to help them in the relay events, as their competitive mantra caught up to them and they face palmed straight into the sand, playfully falling over each other and laughing all the way to the finish line 
5pm - As practice came to a close, we ventured back into the ocean, were we had an after practice swim. After we had our far share of fun, showers were taken, and we all gathered back around the television where we watched the AC Milan vs. Barcelona game, with the score being tied in the end. It was a fun pre dinner game. 

7pm - As the dinner shift started cooking quinoa salad, roasted veggies and scrambled eggs, our head Head Coach Stacey, and her family came just in time for dinner to start. 

So long for now... -Sassy Hanaa


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