Folly Final

Last day here in our little utopia.  It's been a long week, no doubt, evident by the drooping eyelids illuminated by the glow of the television.  We're all lying in the living room, tangled in blankets together, watching Into the Wild.  Bittersweet.

Today began with a hodgepodge of breakfast foods accompanied with a murky sunrise and some classic Bob Marley to send us off to service with fully bellies and smiles.

 We scrambled down the stairs and onto the bus at 8:15, headed to the East Cooper Habitat for Humanity Restore.  Crazy experience - lots of Christmas and Halloween decorations (nobody ever remembers Thanksgiving), strange appliances to be tested, windows to be washed, and floors to be swept.

Lunch plans were a tad wacky, and the barbecue we'd planned on devouring after hours of shelving Santas didn't pull through.  We loaded up again and hit the road for the house and, more importantly, food (this time special passenger Gabriel accompanied us).   Lunch was even more of a jumble than breakfast, and soon enough empty plates were abandoned in search of bathing suits and towels.  The activities following lunch are a mystery to me as I was one of the few who totally crashed out, but I hear that the most epic sandcastle was constructed by some of our ladies on our little beach.

Training was enjoyable, as always (soccer on the beach is unspeakably fantastic) and ended with a mad dash into the ocean.  We spent the evening dining on every leftover our lovely dinner crew could piece together (turned out SO well), then ate bread pudding (concocted by Rachel and Grace) while playing a game of stories.  Incredible way to wrap up the week.  Lyddie is planning to abandon us at the pier tomorrow in order to make us run home (torturous methods of coaching), so I'm sure sleep will happen after we all cry our eyes out together over this movie.

I chose some photos from my constant documentation of the past week in an attempt to describe the experiences and emotions we've all encountered.  Our team is the epitome of an eclectic family and the connections we've made this season have only been amplified by this week of hard work and happiness.  How lucky we all are to be included in this team of intelligent, talented, beautiful women who have passion and motivation.  As fall break and season draw to a close, I'm more proud than ever to call myself a hooter.  Here's to the memories to come!



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