Rachel Kerr

Hello everyone! I am spending my summer at home in southwestern Wisconsin, or as I like to call it: the Mecca of the Midwest. Life here is super crazy! I’ve been working a bunch at all my jobs. I nanny during the day with two super cute little boys, work at a farm – to – table underground restaurant, do a bunch of random weeding and gardening for local farms, and work at an out door Shakespearean theatre.  

Everything else has been pretty crazy too: Kelsey and Brogan are both here for the summer and my mom just bought a house that she and my brothers are moving into tomorrow while Kelsey, Brogan, and I stay in her old house for the summer. But right now my mom, both my brothers, and all of us, are living in a one-bathroom house. (And my brother takes about an hour to shower!)

Otherwise, Kelsey, Matthew, Brogan, and I have been doing insanity and playing lots of soccer with Josh while trying not to be eaten alive by mosquitoes! 

I hope you all are having wonderful summers and I can’t wait to see you all!


P.S. Here are some photos of Brogan with my cat, a dance party with my boys, my brothers, some sorbet, and Kelsey and I looking special!


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