Audrey Vanderboon

Hello my lovely ladies!
I am up in good old Michigan for the summer working as the Adventure Program Director for our State Parks! It. Is. Awesome.  We run so many different programs- programs from astronomy to rock climbing! It is so neat to see all the different ages come together and enjoy the outdoors =) It is a great group! We have already taught outdoor skills to over 10,000 people in Michigan State Parks! They’re my little puffs, Lydia ;)
What else? I have been with my handsome dog. I have been running and training whenever I can. Mountain biking has been big for me because of my job.  I just recently took first in Michigan’s 10k run, which was a huge moral booster!  In about a month, I will head out to Glacier to backpack for a few weeks and then up to Canada for a 50mile run. Megan, my twin, will be coming as my support girl =) Depending on how the 50 feels, I might be looking at a 100 miler out in New York in the beginning of August. Who knows though!
The World Cup has started up and I listen or watch it all the time. Can you believe all the games?! They all have a little hooter’s power or something ;) Anyway, I hope that all of you are having wonderful summers! I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures and the fun stuff you guys have been doing =) Marley, your job sounds absolutely awesome! Marisa, your pictures are amazing and I cannot wait to hear those awkward stories ;)
Much love is being sent to all of you from the mitten,


 Glacier! This is where I will be backpacking =)

 My 50 miler will be around this lake in Banff, Canada

Meg and I after my Michigan 10k!

My good looking dog =) and me


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