Train Train!


I wanted to update you all on my summer! I feel like the summer flew by but as I look back I was pretty busy! First, we have to mention the world cup! For a month, I was glued the TV watching great football at the local spots! The US games were so exciting and I felt so patriotic. 

We had to go all out for the games! These were Captain America masks we made for the USA games!

I also played soccer this summer for a semi-pro team in Greenville, SC which was a lot of fun! It was a laid back environment compared to what I was used to and I got to run some practice sessions as well. We had some pretty talented young players mixed with a group of veterans so it was a lot of fun! I also spent time hiking, mountain biking, sliding down rocks, camping, and floating down the French Broad. 

Asheville is a great place to be outdoors!

Other than that, we ran a very fun and successful Upper 90soccer camp at Warren Wilson with 40 awesome girls! We got to see Izler, whom most of you all met in the Virgin Islands. 

I also made a worm composting tube in my garden. I just put worms in the pvc tube and put compost in regularly and the worms break it down and actually fertilize the garden. You don't have to deal with the smell or attracting animals with this system. I like it so far!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer but at the same time getting pumped for the fall. We have already begun preparations for preseason, away trips, team activities, and service! We canNOT wait for you all to arrive back at Wilson. Let's be honest, we miss all your little faces!

As time ticks away, make sure you are getting touches on the ball. Even it is just juggling, it is worth it! I hope some of you have ventured out, found local pickup, and have been getting a sweat while playing the game! 

Here is a link to a coerver video that was sent to me and I want to share!

See you all soon!



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