Sydney Grange

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is having a nice summer and had a good 4th of July :)!.. This summer I’ve been at home, hanging out with friends and family, and working for a non-profit, called Environment California, as a canvasser. For this past month our campaign has been focused on banning fracking in California. I’ve had a lot of weird interactions and have talked to some crazy people but am enjoying the work overall! This week we will be headed down the coast to San Luis Obispo on a camping canvass. It is my last week working for Environment California, so I’m happy it’s ending with a bit of travel. 

My friend from work and I made friends with a snake when we were canvassing a parade!

As much as I will miss the people I've been working with for the past 7 weeks, it will be really nice to have some free time!...

This past weekend, for 4th of July, my family and I headed out to my cabin, which is just 20 minutes south of Lake Tahoe. It was a very relaxed weekend, and it was nice to spend some time in nature with my family and animals.

My brother hanging out by the swimming hole at my cabin.

Chimney Beach, Lake Tahoe.

My Aunts Pug, Claire (she’s 16!!).

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summers, can’t wait to see everyone in August :)!

Much love,
Syd (Grange)


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