Fonda Heenehan

Hey Hooters!

This Summer I’ve taken a break from Asheville and I am living in Northampton, Massachusetts with our teammate Sunny, their mother, and my partner Sam. It’s my first time spending time in Western Massachusetts, even though I grew up in the Northeastern part of the State, and I am loving all that it has to offer; I am especially loving the unique quirkiness of Northampton.

Most of my time this Summer has been spent studying for and taking the GRE, and now I am visiting schools and beginning to prepare for grad school applications! I visited Boston College in early June, and am planning a trip up to Burlington to visit University of Vermont next week. All of the schools I’m looking at have intramural or club soccer, of course. Looking at schools and starting the application process has sparked much excitement for my senior year at Wilson, and at this point I’m super stoked for it to start!

All of my time hasn’t been spent studying, as it is Summer break. I was able to attend NYC Pride Weekend, where I met up with my cousin, and oh my goodness it was fantastic! I was also able to visit family on the coast and enjoyed a fun weekend at the beach. Additionally, I have taken little day trips around New England to watch Sam at his cycling races, which has ended up being a great way to see more of the surrounding area.

Soccer training has been going well; I am going to look for a pickup group so I can start playing more consistently in the last month that we have before preseason. I was a bit discouraged at the beginning of Summer because I was focused on changing my running form from my foot strike starting on my heels (bad) to a strike that’s closer to the front of my foot (good). Now that I have passed the awkward stage of focusing on my stride, and I am running faster and am able to focus on fitness, I feel great! Sunny and I have been also been going to the gym all Summer, and are ready to kick butt in preseason. It’s so soon, I can’t wait!

I hope you all are doing well, and that your respective summers are giving you a restful break from school. I can’t wait to see you all in a month!

Much love and peace,


Pelham lake in Rowe, Massachusetts. Sam and I took a swimming break here while we were guest staffing at a summer camp for a few days.

My cousin and I, covered in glitter of course, at the NYC Pride Parade.


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