Sierra Bell

Sierra Bell is an incoming freshman from Rock Hill, S.C. who is an attacking center mid. Sierra is currently in Thailand with a group of 5 other students from her school and 10 from Chicago.

We chose Thailand because we wanted to learn about a culture completely different than ours before we went off to college. ...IT IS SO HOT HERE.
We have visited a lot of temples and shrines.  The people of Thailand are mostly Buddhist and they have kings that are in power until death. When they die their ashes our places in the temples and shrines. 

The royal family is so important here, pictures are placed everywhere and the king makes an announcement everyday. 

We also went to a floating market, I feel rich here! 1 US dollar is about 39 Tai Baht. 

Thailand is the third poorest country in Asia, but the poor people are taken care of by the government and tourism is a huge help to the economy. 

TRAFFIC is horrible here, there is no such things as lanes here. Although they physically exist, people do not use them. Most people straddle lanes or drive in the shoulder. 


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