Kicking off the Summer


Wow! I really can't believe it is already June ... Obviously, there has been some changes around here and I was very unsettled with it all. I'm glad Stacey is feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle whatever she puts her mind too. We all know she will do amazing things! She has reminded me she will be at every home game will be a little strange hearing her yell from the other side but its really like the best of both worlds. I'm on one side and she's on the other. Ya'll won't be able to get away with anything ...haha. We have vowed to help each other get fit, as I hope you all are doing as well. This has consisted of running and mountain biking and of course, an occasional pickleball game.

 Well, I have been cleaning my office, getting ready for camp in 10 days, learning some new skills (see the mower!), and relaxing. In our free time, Stacey and I have been helping Asheville City Soccer Club, a new men's NPSL semi-pro team. The games have been fun, loud, and entertaining.

I really wanted to kick off this blog thing. I love reading about what you all are doing this summer and all the fun places you go. Please stay in touch with one another, we have a great fall planned and need y'all to come in fit and ready to play!

I will be blogging again during camp, get ready to see some new costumes from the costume box!



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