What a game!

Yestetday was game day. Kick off was at 7:00, so we spent some time in Tampa. We had a really good lunch at So Fresh. Many people got the power bowl to charge up for the game. We then went to Ybor City where we roamed the streets and shops. Afterwards, Stacia's twin sister welcomed us into her home before it was time to depart for the game. Many people napped and relaxed in order to get ready for the game.
The game was tough. The battle was physical and mental. The first half went without a score, but we scored first in the second half. They came back to tie and then lead, but we still had a fight and fire within us. We popped one in and the game stayed tied through two overtime sessions. It was obvious we gave everything and left it all on the field. We were fried, but had a beautiful beach house awaiting us.

This morning we awoke to a strong breeze and beautiful sunrise. We are at Grange's Aunt's beach house who we are so greatful for sharing with us. The morning started with pancakes, eggs, coffee and sand. The rest of the day consisted of ocean swimming, sun bathing, sand castle making, biking, rip sticking, reading, sun soaking and relaxing. 
We are all sitting around the table playing taboo now after a beautiful dinner. This day has been filled with sunshine and love. Sydney's dad and grandfather spent the day with us as well! It was so nice to be in their company!


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