Tropical Team Paddle

After breakfast this morning, the team geared up for a paddling trip down the Juniper Springs River. There was some alligator fear, but everyone proved to be brave and come along for the journey. There were people in tandem kayaks and canoes. Melina was the solo kayaker. 
The river was clear and overgrown with tropic beauty. Much wildlife was seen including many turtles, fish, birds and yes, even alligators! We left the alligators alone and, in turn, they left us alone. We paddled for 7 miles and were picked up by a shuttle at the end. Back at the campground, hot and tired, we jumped into the clear and refreshing spring pool.
We couldn't end the day without getting a touch on the ball. We found the only open patch of grass and worked on our volleying skills and then just played. The amazing sophomore team won the tradition fall break pickup game!
Dinner tonight is MEXICAN! Homemade gorditas, rice, fried veggies, beans, and a nicely made fire to enjoy the lovely food by. The only thing to complain about are the bugs. But we are tough.
Written by- Kat Camara


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