Ocala to Tampa

Today we woke up to quite a surprise as a black bear ventured onto our campsite. Marley was the first one to spot it, yelling out in excitement and surprise as it ventured over towards Melina. Nora, in attempt to scare the bear away, waved a red towel around and shouted at it, catching the bears attention, and causing it to retreat back into the woods. 

The black bear that wandered into our campsite.

After the exciting bear adventure, we split off into a few different groups and headed out on a run, exploring trails through the forest and around the spring. We came back together with smiling faces and hungry tummys, ready for breakfast!... Kat, Whitney and Nora cooked up a delicious breakfast with the food that could be found in the coolers. They made potatoes and veggies, fruit salad, toast, rice and ham. Everyone enjoyed it lots.

Everyone gathering around for breakfast.

Marley helping to make coffee.

After breakfast we began packing up to leave Ocala. Before getting on the bus, we formed a circle and did a round of positive affirmations-- saying something nice about the person to our right. Everyone had lots of great things to share, especially after spending lots of quality time with one another in Ocala National Forest, camping, cooking, canoeing, swimming and exploring. We got onto the bus and headed off to Tampa, where we would spend the night in a hotel. 

We arrived at the Holiday Inn, and while some people relaxed in their rooms, others went to the pool to swim and tan in the sun. We then went out for an early dinner at Olive Garden, which was conveniently right next to out hotel. We had unlimited bread sticks and salad and got to eat lots of yummy carbs in preparation for our game. We also got to celebrate Nora's 25th birthday with cake!
Nora making a birthday wish! 

Were all having a great time & ready to play our game tonight!!



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