The coaching staff decided to rent scooters and see the island. We scooted to the most eastern point, Point Udall. The ride there was along the coast with beautiful views. We snorkeled, swam and had a coconut throwing contest. Lets just say Carolyn Warhaftig took home the trophy. Good efforts by the rest of the crew though with different techniques all around.

With the game the following day we again had a team dinner at Savant. The food was amazing to say the least. Being so close to the water fresh fish is always so yummy!!

Last game today and both teams have a lot to play for. We will probably face a younger squad from the usvi team. They will fast and very athletic, playing to prove that they should be a starter! After walking off the field last game, we felt as a team that we should have scored more goals and won the game. With that feeling lingering we will be out to win the game and make a statement!


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