Home sweet home

Arriving back in the US was a little bit of a shock. It was cold and rainy!! It's still raining actually.

"Back to life, back to reality," is the song I have in my head. I spent the last day reflecting on our trip and thought of all the lovely people we met and did life with! Relationships were built and ones that previously existed were strengthened! It's crazy how in just ten days you can find comfort in routines like going to Twin City coffee shop where they knew our order after the first time. Or going for walks or dancing at random. You all can probably guess who I'm talking about! I think we all are so over the carnival reggae tone music. I can still feel that constant beat that would be playing even at 2am. Carolyn ate her food so fast because the music was stressing her out.

I just want to personally thank everyone who has supported us this season and on this trip. This experience has impacted the girls immensely. Their eyes were opened to a new culture and I believe gained an appreciation for the ability to travel and play soccer in another country. We also had the opportunity to recruit some quality players we believe will strengthen our program! Your givings, thoughts and support made all of this possible so thank you again!


  1. Hi Lydia, this is Ariel's mom, Kathy. I am so happy that you had a great time and am very proud of the team for their tremendous success! Thank you for all you have done for the girls. They seemed to all have a wonderful time and this experience will be a peak for them in their lives!


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