Welcome Summer!

By Marley Fischer

And hello from the mountains of South Carolina!  It’s been a fantastic week so far down here – already have plenty of adventures under my belt.

Things that are interesting in Marley’s life:

I’m living at home this summer (in an old farmhouse that has no AC) with my family and a high-energy puppy named Maisy.

I began my job Zipline guiding on Thursday and have confirmed that I will be trained as a raft guide in my time off (!!!)

I have begun a huge project of building a small apartment off of my dad’s barn.  I’m hoping to be finished and moved in by mid-July.

I just brewed a huge batch of Fire Cider to keep us all healthy next semester!

We have some beautiful gardens getting ready to produce veggie goodness, and the pear, cherry, plum, blueberry, and mulberry trees are all beginning to produce fruit – I’m excited for a wonderful harvest.

My sister and I are on an herbal kick and crafting lots of salves and teas with ingredients from our herb garden.

Other than that, I’ve been having to get creative with my workouts because Maisy wants to join me on every run and bike ride that I go on (she’s a fun lil pup).  Getting back into a workout routine has been difficult, so this week I’ve been doing a pyramid and going on a run/bike ride each day.  I plan to take it up a notch next week, once I’ve gotten my schedule settled a little more. 

Not much more to update everyone on – I’m excited to see what lies ahead for this summer and hopefully I’ll see some of you before school starts again!  Love to everyone! - MarFisch


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