Spring Soccer

We have had some pretty cold weather here in the mountains of western North Carolina so we have been limited to getting outdoors. However, the weight room has been calling our names! This spring has been unique and new so far for the Lady Hooters! We have developed an off-season lifting program for the girls and lined up a few scrimmages. Everyone has a great mentality to stay fit, build strength, and develop skill in the spring season. We are playing 8v8 in the local women's league every week which is fast paced, technical and a great challenge for the players.

We are ready for the game!

Leah Bartel scored the first goal in the women's league game this past week.

Beautiful day to play some football.

The other half of the team. Go Hooters!
Stay tuned for more action this spring. We will have some of the players blog about their experiences and of course, more photos.

Go Owls!


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