Batya Globerman

Hi team!

I write to you on the seventh hour of what was meant to be a 4 hour bus ride (thanks, rainy season- thanks, landslide). I'm in a much better mood now than I was 30 minutes ago. We finally had a rest stop and I got some delicious roast chicken and corn tortillas for dinner!!! Yummmmmm!!!!!

Me and 3 others, and our bags, (and chicken, yes) are sitting in the aisle's extension intended for a wheelchair. 8 legs in one square metre is a puzzle I have no intention of recreating. However, I'm one of the lucky passengers with floor space. There are people here who have been standing between the seats since we left the beach.

I went out of town with my friend from high school and his brother who are visiting Costa Rica. They stayed by the coast for a little while longer and I'm headed home to spend time with my parents and finish some stuff up (like packing my whole life into a suitcase again) before flying out to Asheville on Thursday.

For the most part my summer has been pretty quiet, but equally enjoyable. I've travelled a bit and have been catching up and going out with friends, prepped for soccer, done lots of floating (pools, oceans, y'know), artwork, hung out with my parents (many, many jeopardy episodes), and one of my favourite things has been keeping up with CONCACAF- it really is such a treat to watch La Sele (Costa Rica's National team) play 2 games a week. Watching the Semifinal match between the US and Costa Rica last week was very painful (especially the bit where my dad could not, for his life, stop talking about the legend that is Clint Dempsey). But now that my mourning the Gold Cup has subsided I am really looking forward to September 1st for a rematch!!

So here I am, sitting on a dirty floor, listening to Vince Staples' Summertime '06 album, enjoying chocolate covered raisins (appropriate dessert after floor roast chicken amirite), writing a blog post, really looking forward to the fall.

(About 30 minutes left till we get to the bus terminal!!!)

These are some photos of my time home. (I maxed out on MBs)

Out In San Pedro with friends


Made friends with this kid over a couple passes and headers

The track where I've been running. (The field is always super muddy this time of year)

Mercado Nacional

My favourite beetle!!!!!!!!


Other pretty places!!

This is a pigmy owl that was perched on the cables right in front of our house. Definitely pertains to the content of this blog.

Today's roast chicken and corn tortillas!!!

With warmth,


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