Maddie Harris


I hope you are all having amazing summers. I hope you are not being SLOTHS. I am super excited for preseason to be here and for the season to start.

So far this summer, I have been working 40 hours at the WWC Gym, hanging with the coaches, training, cleaning, and playing a lot of soccer. I went home for the first two weeks of summer, where I spent time with my family and celebrated my brother’s graduation from high school. Since I have been back on campus, I have just been working at the gym and also doing tasks as a summer RA. I have joined two random soccer leagues through the ABYSA, I play co-ed on Friday and women’s league on Sunday. Starting Friday, I will also be playing on an indoor league at the Racquet Club on Hendersonville Road. Adding on to that soccer, I sometimes take my lunch breaks to play pickup at Memorial Stadium, which there are people playing every day from 12:30-2:00pm. I also try to play pickup Tuesdays and Thursday in the evenings at JBL. It is amazing how many people in Asheville play soccer, a collection of all ages. 

Other than playing a lot of soccer, I have been hanging out in the Villages with my suitemates. On the Fourth of July, we went on a suite trip to Deep Creek, somewhere by Waynesville, and spent the day on the water. I have also been volunteering a lot with Brother Wolf. It is super fun to just hang out with dogs all day, but get credit for it. I have also been dog-sitting, cat-sitting, and house-sitting.
Basically, I have just been having fun on campus without all the people here, even though some of the conference people make the lines in Gladfelter dreadful. Gladfelter is dreadful no matter what. I am so excited for soccer to start and for the rest of the team to start trickling in.

Anyway, it has been a super lowkey summer here on campus. I cannot wait to have every one back and practicing again. The grass on the field is finally looking good. Keep training and I am sending positive thoughts to all of you!

Maddie Sloth

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 Me and Bianca Bettz doing face swap when she was here for camp!!

 Friends from home :)


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