Service day!

After beach soccer we had a quick breakfast made by the players unable to train! It was delicious, French toast and eggs! We headed to the visitor center to volunteer our time and muscles! The visitor center was overgrown and they have an 6-7 foot alligator that lives in the pond in front of the visitor center. It is also home to several other types of wildlife and with the overgrowth it is difficult to see. We worked hard and quickly, loaded up with bug spray and tools. We divided and conquered. It was very rewarding!!! After we went to see the lighthouse on the island. Marisa, Lydia, and Sydney has a race to the top. They sprinted and made it to the top in a quick 1:15 sec. The views at the top were breathtaking. You could see several surrounding islands such as edisto and the horizon was about 40 miles away. We hit the beach following and had some R&R. The coaches went to grab some fresh seafood and are preparing for our last dinner!!! We have enjoyed our time here and even more the company! Enjoy the photos!


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