Georgia Ackerman

Hey Soccer Gals!
    I can't wait to see you all today. This summer has been great, but much to fast. After the graduation ceremony, my dad and I made the twenty six hour drive back to Colorado. We drove through the Smokey National Forrest, through Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas. We stopped at the confluence of the Missouri and the Ohio river, and camped each night along the way. After a weak at home, I boarded the California Zeapher (an amtrak train) in Glenwood Springs.
    Twenty Four hours later, I arrived in San Francisco. I stayed with my aunt and uncle until my cousin was able to pick me up. I worked on his land in Northern California for six weeks. This is the first year that he has been out on his property, and there was always something to do. Adam's land is located right on the side of a mountain. His house is built at the top of a bowl, carved out by the creak. I spent most of the days hiking from garden to garden on steep trails. Occasionally, I would work out with my cousins girlfriend. Denise is a Colombian yoga instructor and personal trainer from Miami Florida. She taught me many things about cooking and working out :). The water system wasn't completely finished. Every couple of days, I would spend hours hauling around five gallon buckets to water the plants. It was the driest year on record in California. We would work till the heat of the day-usually around three in the afternoon. Then, we would head to the river to cool off and hang out with the locals.
    Before I got back on the train for home, my cousin took me to the North Western String Summit festival near Portland Oregon. With thousands of campers, roaming peacocks, and a great lineup; it was quit the experience. I bought myself some pretty awesome cowgirl boots. I finally got back on the train in Klamath Falls, OR. I arrive back in Carbondale just in time for Mountain Fair. Each summer, my town hosts an arts festival. My mom has been in charge of the vendors for the past couple years. I spent most of the fair volunteering as a booth sitter and dancing. During the event, I spent one day hiking to the tree line of our mountain. Right when I got back into town I headed to the park to participate in the women's wood-splitting contest, then danced with my friends.
    My family, some friends, and I went on a rafting trip a few days later on one of my favorite stretches of the Colorado. Once we got back to society, I returned to Mount Sopris with my brother, his girlfriend, My friend Riley, and Bergen. It is just bellow a fourteen-er, but it is a beast of a hike. Since then I have been busy relaxing. Yesterday my dad and I took my mom to have surgery, and today we are healing. I get on the plane tomorrow morning, and I am so excited to hang out with the hooters! It was so nice to read all of the updates on your summers. I'm sure there will be many stories to tell.

 Standing above the Colorado River

  North West String Summit - Main Stage

 My house in California (a tent by the creak)

Bergen, Riley, and I soaking up Mount Sopris

Much love from Colorado
Georgia Ackerman


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